A thankfully brief look into the climbing escapades of yours truly, Bill Wade.
Bombs Bursting  

The SouthEast has some of the most varied rock climbing in the United States. Most of the games climbers play can be indulged within a quartet of States. From extreme technical sport climbing at the New River, West Virginia, to bold, hard trad at Looking Glass, North Carolina, and into the airy-scary world of aid climbing on the biggest cliff East of the Mississippi--Whitesides Mountain, North Carolina, there is a bit of all rock climbing revery close at hand.

I've spent a large part of my life dancing the vertical in Red River Gorge, Kentucky, Seneca Rocks, West Virginia, and, of late, many of the powerful places in North Carolina, including Linville Gorge, Stone Mountain, Moores Wall, and Looking Glass. It has been important to me that my environment provide potential well beyond my current ability. The various rock types, diverse climbing experiences, and astounding beauty of North Carolina do just that. Images of its magnificent cliffs dominate my inner world. Anyway, my current ability has never been very high.....

With your indulgence (and a maximized, full screen browser), I would be humble and pleased to show you a little of what I've been doing for the past 18 years.

Please be forewarned: this web site and its contents were designed to the most rigid standards of ambiguity and incipient confusion. A perverse curiosity would be well advised.

Thanks for stopping by.

(By the Way, the Photo is of the belay at the top of 'Bombs Bursting', a beautiful dihedral with a straight-in handcrack, capped by a three foot roof at Red River Gorge, Kentucky.)

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